Thinking Partner

What is a Thinking Partner? It's difficult to describe exactly what Nicola Phillips does in one snappy title. We could say she is a consultant, or a facilitator, or a coach, or even a corporate shrink.

But it's partly because she is all of these and much more that we have had to find a different term. A Thinking Partner is someone distanced from your everyday life, but who can bring fresh and experienced perspective to a situation. It is someone who can ask you the difficult questions and help you explore the difficult answers.

What the f**k did you do that for?

Sometimes the answer is staring you in the face. Sometimes it's something as simple as fear stopping you from acknowledging what you knew all along. But, questioning your assumptions without getting caught up in the same narrative is something that's hard to do alone. Sometimes it takes someone who understands the issues you are facing because they have worked with many other people who have experienced similar ones.

Nicola Phillips works with Board level through to new executives, helping them harness innovation within their organisations, managing fast-changing environments and providing somewhere for them to think crazy thoughts.

Her work has taken her to the USA, South America, Far East and Europe. Nicola's range of clients are in the financial, media, technology, commercial and public sectors, including Unilever, Microsoft, Pearson, Accenture, Fiat, Freshfields, J.P.Morgan Chase, Global Business Network, HBOS, London School of Tropical Medicine, Anglian Water Authority, Police Authority, London Business School, Dubai Holding, Adobe, Novell, Marks and Spencer Plc, BBC.

If you are interested in finding out more about how Nicola Phillips can help you and your organization, simply email Nicola Phillips. All work is custom tailored to the client.

It's not easy to know what you like. Most people fool themselves their entire lives about this.

Self-aquaintance is a rare condition.
Robert Henri